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The Tech Bubble, the Financial Crisis and the Coronavirus have shown that not all risks are well-managed in traditional portfolios. 

As an alternative, we offer Data Science, Behavioural Finance insights and Machine Learning algorithms to avoid human bias and capture the upside of markets while systematically managing the downside.  

Investment Solutions & Strategies

Our solutions and strategies can be implemented in a wide variety of investment vehicles, such as Funds, Mandates and Robo-Advisors.

Dynamic Asset Allocation

A range of asset allocation strategies that dynamically adapt to the market outlook, increasing risk in uptrends while limiting it on downtrends.
Equities Zero50​
Multi-Asset strategy with a maximum of 50% exposure to Equities.
Equities Zero100​
Multi-Asset strategy with a maximum of 100% exposure to Equities.
Dynamic Bonds
Fixed income strategy with credit risk and duration control.
Your Strategy
We build for you a tailor-made Dynamic Asset Allocation strategy.
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Machine Learning

We use Machine Learning algorithms to analyze, learn and create investment strategies to anticipate on a timely basis and adapt continuously to ever-changing global markets.
Intelligent Equities
Quantitative stock picking strategy that uses ML to generate higher risk-adjusted returns.​
Strategy that uses ML algorithms to predict the movement  of 28 currency pairs for different time horizons.​
Your Strategy
We build for you a tailor-made Machine Learning strategy.

Quant Management Tools

A set of innovative tools that will assist you in your daily management activity.
Overcome cognitive biases and risk aversion by relying on our Risk Indicators and Portfolio Optimizer.
Risk Indicators
Daily Risk-on/Risk-Off signal for your peace of mind
Portfolio Optimizer
Improve your current portfolio at any given time

Contact us

For general questions, please write us here:

Our Locations

EyePerformance Technology S.L.

Calle Velazquez 126
28006 Madrid, Spain.

EyePerformance AG
Bundesstrasse 5
6300 Zug, Switzerland.

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