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AI-powered platform for finance professionals

Investment Technology for
Smart Asset Management

In an uncertain world, the only constant is change itself.
We rely on Data Science and Artificial Intelligence to understand the ever-changing financial markets and develop innovative investment solutions.

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Áreas De Practica

What we do 

By combining talent, technology and experience, we provide Asset Managers with robust quantitative investment solutions and strategies aligned to their specific goals.

Why we do it

Technology offers scalable, transparent, bias-free and cost-effective data processing and statistical
analyses beyond the capabilities of any human being.

How we do it  

We use Data Science and AI to analyze big data sets, identify, patterns and systematically manage risk. 

We use Experience and Expertise to interpret  paradigm shifts, understand trends and identify exceptions to the status quo. 

Our Investment Solutions

Dynamic Asset Allocation

A range of asset allocation strategies that dynamically adapt to the market outlook, increasing risk in uptrends while limiting it on downtrends.

Machine Learning

We use Machine Learning algorithms to analyze, learn and create investment strategies that anticipate on a timely basis and adapt continuously to ever-changing global markets.
Quant Management Tools
A set of innovative tools that will assist you in your daily management activity. Overcome cognitive biases and risk aversion by relying on our Risk Indicators and Portfolio Optimizer.
Bespoke Solutions

Our Investment Solutions are 100% customizable to our client requirements. Together, we identify distinct needs, set objectives and then propose a quantitative investment methodology to reach a specific goal.

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Today more than




are being managed using our solutions & strategies 

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Our Locations

EyePerformance Technology S.L.

Calle Velazquez 126
28006 Madrid, Spain.

EyePerformance AG
Bundesstrasse 5
6300 Zug, Switzerland.

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